Chapter Book Medicine with a Side Effect of Laughter!

Once again, it is Flashback Friday! Today’s scouted book suggestion is Roald Dahl’s underrated tale, George’s Marvelous Medicine. Originally written in 1981, it is a short, intense chapter book with a wacky story line that will enthrall readers. When Mr. and Mrs. Kranky, George’s parents, leave George to care for his grandmother, she treats him with rudeness, bullies him and is demanding. Since George must prepare and deliver daily medicine to grandma, he hatches a plan. Using everything and anything he can find around the farm, George creates his own medicine, one he’s sure will cure grandma’s gruff and grouchy ways. ┬áReaders will revel, groan and giggle at the ingredients that George uses to concoct his medicine. Grandma slurps up George’s mixture and the hilarity begins. She transforms, twists and grows in response to the medicine. George then serves up the medicine to the farm animals and the outcome is giant chickens and sheep. When the Krankys return home, they are more impressed with the over sized animals than with grandma’s alteration, which frustrates and annoys her. Dad, seeing an opportunity, wants George to make more of his marvelous medicine. George can’t recall all the ingredients or amounts he used and George’s medicine 2.0 has a much different, yet funny, effect. There is nothing socially correct about this story, including the ending and the resolution of George’s “grandma problem”. Still, as long as we adults emphasize that it is a work of pure FICTION, it will tap into the limitless imaginations of most 3rd -6th grade chapter book readers and they will find it a side-splitting riot!

Written by Roald Dahl, Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Accelerated Reader Level 4.0

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