A Graphic Novel of Turbo Proportions

Turbo is a class hamster, much like the one in the Humphrey books. There are a couple of distinct differences, however, Humphrey is in a chapter book, whereas Turbo is in a GRAPHIC NOVEL. You can’t dispute the coolness of graphic novels. Also, Humphrey is a regular hamster, but Turbo is a SUPERHERO! In each installment, Turbo and his other class-pet friends, who are also secret superheroes, face danger and their evil arch nemesis, the unscrupulous rat, Whiskerface! In Super Turbo and the Fire-Breathing Dragon, Turbo and his cohorts discover a new classroom pet, vowing to rid the school of it. Afterall, it is dangerous to have a FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON in a classroom. Think of all the worksheets, art projects and, well, PAPER! When a fire does, indeed, start in the science lab, the superpets are even more resolved to remove the dragon from their school, even requesting help from Whiskerface. The question becomes : will Whiskerface truly help them or use this opportunity to take over the school?

Why I Like These Books:

These books are not jammed with bathroom humor, which wears thin after a while. There is actually a simple, clever story line that works well for 3rd and 4th grade readers, with enough illustrations and action to keep the story lively and patrons engaged.

The graphic novels are brief enough for reluctant readers to finish up and feel successful, about 115 pages.  These adventure tales with ample drawings may just get kiddos to want to start a collection!

Written by Lee Kirby

Copyright 2017, 2018 (latest in series)

Accelerated Reader Level: 3.9-4.5

Click on the cover to order through Amazon:

                                                            This cover represents a set of Turbo books:

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