Just Dance!

Okay, today’s Flashback Friday is a bit of a trick and Halloween’s over! Hmmm….anyway, I’ve featured a flashback as well as a new release by the same author. Guess that just means she’s been and continues to be a talented writer!

Patricia Maclachlan is the quintessential writer of short, richly worded stories that warm the heart.  Many of them are historical in nature, like her 1985 Newbery Award Winnng gem, Sarah, Plain and Tall, and the ensuing books in its series: Skylark, Caleb’s Story, More Perfect than the Moon and Grandfather’s Dance.  But, of late, MacLachlan has been spinning short, touching yarns about other topics. In White Fur Flying, Philip is a nine-year-old boy who is sent to live with his aunt. Although the dogs in her rescue operation come and go, one dog, Kodi, is her permanent resident. Philip, who is nonverbal with everyone else, talks to Kodi. It is, like all of MacLachlan’s tales, heart-warming with a satisfying ending. Her most recent release is my current scout: Just Dance. In this country story, Sylvie lives on a farm with her parents and younger brother, Nathan. Sylvie has a talent for noticing details, processing them and transferring them to paper. Despite her efforts, however, there is one piece of her life she just can’t seem to puzzle out. When her parents fell in love and married, her mother, a gifted soprano, gave up performing to raise her family on the farm. Her mother seems at peace with singing to the cows and sheep rather than a human audience, but Sylvie can’t comprehend why anyone would give up glitz and glamour for plain old life on a farm. When Sylvie gets the chance to ride with the sherriff and write about her observations of local crime and town life, she gains a bit of local fame herself. But it’s not until James, a former performing partner of her mother, arrives in town for a show that Sylvie finally understands how even a successful singer can happily choose family over fame.

MacLachlan’s sweet, simple-yet-impactful tales are a great fit for readers just entering the world of chapter books.

Written by Patricia MacLachlan

Copyright 2018

Accelerated Reader level 3.5

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