Bigger May be Better, but Tiny is Terrific!

Eddie and his family discreetly live in a classroom at Ferny Creek Elementary. Life is good until the day that Aunt Min travels to the library and never returns. Eddie is tasked with traveling to the library and rescuing her. Dangers abound, with a school full of squishers (humans) and physical challenges.  Eddie, however, perseveres, locating Aunt Min, but realizing she is injured and he must stay with her as she heals. The two are book-loving bugs, content to discuss classics, enjoy story time and observe the young readers of Ferny Creek Library. All changes, however, when the librarian takes a leave to have her babies (yes, babies, she’s having three!). Enter the substitute librarian, Mrs. Vrisch (guess what her name rhymes with? yep, squish). Eddie and Aunt Minn overhear her evil plan to get rid of books and convert the library into a testing center (horrors!). Now, Eddie must take on one big job for a little bug….saving the Ferny Creek Library. Communicating with humans through sticky notes and inadvertently perpetuating the idea that the ghost of a former library volunteer is haunting the library, Eddie makes a sizeable impact for his cause.

The story is bursting with cuteness while getting across the point: determination is what matters and anyone, of any size, with enough of it can accomplish big things. Children love books set in schools and this imaginative tale will have them wondering what the bug on their school library windowsill is up to!

Written by Linda Bailey

Copyright 2017

Accelerated Reader Level 3.7

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