Small But Mighty Chapter Book

Flashback Friday! Wednesday, I scouted out Marion Dane Bauer’s book, Little Cat’s Luck.  This flashback is also by Bauer and was her first venture into chapter books for intermediate readers which feature animals as main characters. Runt, published in 2002, is the sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes triumphant tale of a family of wolves. Five pups are born and each is given a name that reflects their abilities, such as Leader. Born last and smallest, Runt is only called Runt. In attempting to define himself and to convince his father, King,  of his worth, Runt puts himself in dangerous situations and the results make matters worse. But, when King is threatened, Runt finds another chance to prove himself. Bauer successfully draws readers into the world of the wolf and produces a strong adventure story rife with lessons that readers can internalize about trying too hard to impress others, bravery and self-worth.

By Marion Dean Bauer

Accelerated Reader Level 4.8

Click on the cover to order through Amazon:

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