Each Chapter Filled with Unlucky Winners!

Linda Lacrosse is aware that she is an unlucky person, things just don’t go her way.  So, after buying a lottery ticket to use as part of a math lesson for her class, she has no qualms about offering to share her potential winnings equally with her class. But this verbal agreement  is not good enough, according to her students in room 13. They want a contract in writing. Linda and the kids sign, except for the kid who was absent that day. Amazingly, their teacher’s ticket IS the winner and, true to her word and the contract, she splits the winnings. One million dollars goes to each student, except, again, the student who was absent that day.   Honest Lee, the author, dedicates one short chapter to each of the now-millionaire room 13 students, telling the tale of  how he or she spends their sudden windfall. Some students have selfish motives, for example, the one who cloned himself, while others try to better the world, but most of them meet with disaster and lose it all. The conclusion, of course, is that money can’t buy most things kids desire, especially happiness. Perhaps, the student who was absent the day of the lottery contract was, in fact, the luckiest kid in room 13! The story is clever and funny and students, particularly those in grades 3-5, will enjoy the silly spending decisions and the good-ideas-gone-bad conjured up by Lee. Readers will ponder what they would do with a million dollars. Sharp teachers will capitalize on the opportunity to read the book aloud and use its premise to motivate students to do some wildly creative writing of their own.

Written by Honest Lee, copyright 2017, Accelerated Reader Level 4.9

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If you enjoy this chapter book, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s the beginning of a series.  Below are the further (mis)adventures of the students of room 13.

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