I knew it! Book worms DO exist!

Yea! It’s Flashback Friday! Today I feature a book written at the beginning of our new millineum, the year 2000. Seems like yesterday, but, alas, it was not.

Lerner Chanse, the protagonist, enrolls in a new middle school and is, frankly, miserable. The cool kids rule the school and the nerds suffer. Lerner doesn’t want to be part of either group. Amidst her despair, she discovers a worm, Fip, with special abilities. When this “Word Eater” eats paper, not only are the words on the paper devoured, the real life item disappears, as well.  Yes, the premise is way out there. Yes, there are a few subplots that bird-walk off topic. Nonetheless, this story gets the imaginations of young chapter book readers fired up! Example: the book worm eats the words “vending machine” and, viola, the vending machine disappears, leaving its delectable, sugary treats strewn on the floor! The possibilities are endless and Lerner starts to contemplate them. Should she use the book worm to get rid of the cool kids? She could make her life so much better, but who or what would get hurt in the process? Morals come into play and the stakes get higher as the the Word Eater’s powers are discovered by others and Fip falls into the wrong hands. Ask your chapter book reader what he or she would make disappear with a Word Eater of their own and listen as the wheels in their noggins start turning. A great book for inspiring creative writing.

Written by Mary Amato (a fabulous writer, poet and playwright)

The Accelerated Reader level is 4.5.

Click on the picture to order through Amazon.

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