Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!

Flashback Friday!

I read this book to my fourth grade class and they loved it. Then, I put it in my teacher’s closet and promptly forgot about it. Much later, as a librarian, a third grade teacher asked me for a read aloud for her class, something that her kids hadn’t already heard from previous teachers or knew from the library, something different. A light bulb sparked in my head and I brought out Stephen Manes’, Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days. That third grade teacher read it to her class, then passed it on to the other third grade classes. Ah……success! Originally published in the mid-nineties and republished in 2013, it is one flashback worth bringing back. The premise is this: K. Pinkerton Silverfish, wacky professor, wrote a book, a three day program that he believed could make anyone perfect. Milo Crinkley (don’t you just love these names?), walking through the library, was struck in the head by the book as it fell from a shelf and took it as a sign. He decided then and there that being perfect would be a great thing to be. Milo checked out the book and began Pinkerton’s plan, strange as it was.  One requirement of the program involved Milo wearing broccoli around his neck, which was embarrassing to be sure. Perfectionism, it turns out, comes at a pretty high cost. Readers will cringe and giggle as Milo shows perseverance and learns lessons in humility, personal growth and what it means to be perfectly imperfect.

The reading level is 4. There is no AR test for this book.


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