It’s a BAT’s Life

With a main character like Bixby Alexander Tam (or BAT for short), a preteen boy on the autism spectrum , it can be hard to effectively communicate to readers what life is like for him. But Elana Arnold does just that. Readers walk beside BAT through his struggles, with school, friends, teachers, his sister and parents. When BAT’s mom, a veterinarian, brings home a skunk that needs care until old enough to go to a wildlife rehabilitation facility, BAT accepts the challenge.  What’s more, BAT plans to show her that he is not only capable of taking care of Thor, the baby skunk, but he has the skills, discipline and capability to keep the skunk as his forever pet. This story, a heartwarming tale of managing difficulties and celebrating successes,  serves as a window into the world of autism and introduces us to one determined boy.

This is a short chapter book with a 4.6 AR level. Reluctant as well as motivated readers should experience the world of BAT.

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In the sequel, BAT’s sister, Janie, is changing.  She has after-school activities and friend sleepovers.  This means changes for BAT and Thor, too.  Read to find out how BAT deals with these new developments in his life.

The sequel is a 5.1 AR level.

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