TGIF, Barnes that is!

R.A. Spratt’s other book series takes the plucky qualities of Nanny Piggins and transplants them into a young girl named Friday Barnes.  Unlike the flamboyant Piggins, however, Friday, with her dowdy brown sweater and frumpy hair, is physically easy to miss.  As the youngest of five children and at her swanky private school, Friday is overlooked.  But Friday likes it that way. She is better off unnoticed, after all, she is a detective. Friday  discovers that her boarding school is replete with mysteries, from small puzzles to a reported monster in the bog on campus.  Friday puts herself in harms way and risks unpopularity and possible expulsion to find answers. Happily, Friday does find a new friend and assistant in Melanie, an unusual girl with a flair for noticing details. Friday is quirky, highly intelligent and undeterred in unwinding the story’s mysteries. Both boys and girls will appreciate the odd-ball detective that Spratt has crafted and yearn for the next installment in her sleuthing series.

Books in this series are generally rated level 5 in Accelerated Reader.

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