A pig with a sweet tooth and tons of fun!

I simply can’t pass up the opportunity to share the books of R.A. Spratt, an English-born author with a clever style of writing that makes her books highly engaging. Her characters are full of wit and humor and her stories brim with hijinx that thoroughly entertain.  Her first series stars Sarah Piggins, a pig whose former career was with the circus, serving as the projectile shot out of a cannon!   When she answers a front-yard ad to be a nanny, Sarah becomes the caretaker of Derrick, Samantha and Michael. From that moment on, the now Nanny Piggins boldly leads her charges in a succession of wacky adventures. Intermediate readers will giggle at Nanny’s predicaments and revel in her silliness. Nanny is wild and brave and a piggie after my own heart with her crazy ways and obsession with chocolate cake. Once Nanny Piggins has tickled your funny bone and  become a new favorite character, the other books in the series will satisfy your craving for more.

Most books in the series are in the level 6 range for AR. If the level is a bit high for some readers, these chapter books do make for a fun parent/child experience when read aloud!

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