Where the Wild Readers Are

If you haven’t read this book yet, it’s time. Part sci-fi, part adventure, with a touch of sentimentality and humor, Peter Brown manages to not only personify the robot, but also to endear her to readers through her plight and her pluckiness.  The story’s  main character, Roz the robot, finds herself shipwrecked on an island.  She must learn to survive and, eventually, thrive on an island full of physical challenges and less-than-friendly animals. When she does overcome and considers the island home, the ship returns with plans to recover their lost robot. A unique and rich tale.    Click on the image to purchase through Amazon

Once you’ve met Roz and friends, you’ll want to find out what’s next in the sequel to The Wild Robot, The Wild Robot Escapes. When Roz’s captors force her back to the populated world and onto a farm, she adapts to her new surroundings, but pines for her island and her family.  Find out if Roz can change her situation, using courage and perseverance to return to her island home.

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